How To Make Money Online In Nigeria By Blogging

Today, I will be sharing with you a simple but powerful strategy on how to make money online in Nigeria. And to make you understand how simple it is to make money online, I will be using as a case study to show you how I make money blogging. I was prompted to write specifically on this because I receive questions from Nigerians on daily basis asking how they can make money online. Some of the questions I receive frequently are:

  1. a.      How can I make money online?

  2. b.      Is making money online for real or a scam?

  3. c.       What genuine ways can a Nigerian make money online?

  4. d.      How can I start an internet business?

  5. e.       How can I make money with and Google adsense?

So in this article, I will be teaching you exactly how I make money online in Nigeria and how you too can. All I need from you is to keep an open mind and learn.

Is it Possible for a Nigerian to Make Money Online?

Many Nigerians still believe that the “make money online” or “make money blogging” concept is hype but I stand to dispute that ideology. If you must know; some people in the U.S and other European countries make a full living online. Darren Rowse makes a full living from blogging and Jeremy Shoemaker makes an average of $140,000/month from his network of blogs. Same goes with John Chow. If you have been on the net for maybe a year, I believe you must have heard of Ewen Chia. He is the internet’s No 1 affiliate marketer. He made $1,000,000 in 48Hours from just a single product. He is second only to John Reese, who made this same amount of money in 36Hours. You might say making such amount of money online is possible for these individuals because they reside in countries with thriving economy, so I think I will come home.

Have you heard of It is the most popular forum in Nigeria and it rakes in nothing less than $1,000 a day. Now check $1000 X 365 days, that will give us about $365,000 per year. Now convert it to Naira and see for yourself. The owner “Seun Osewa” built and still continues to run that website right from Nigeria. But that is not even the main gist. The main gist is that the owner “Seun Osewa” said he is going to sell for a non negotiable sum of 25 Billion Naira and that’s the truth, is worth at least 25 Billion Naira.

Are you still in doubt? Then maybe you have not heard of Lateef Olajide; the Nigerian high school dropout who made $36,000 within a space of 30 days from one single product. The product was an eBook on Dog bite prevention and the amazing thing was that Lateef Olajide didn’t write the eBook; he knows nothing about dogs and he hates dogs. Yet, he made $36,000 from a subject he hates. Can you beat that?

Now the cynics may say that these Nigerians didn’t make their money from blogging but let me tell you this: I am a Nigerian and I make money blogging in Nigeria. This is my business blog so you are free to take a look around and judge from what you see. Am I the only one blogging in Nigeria? My answer is no. Lateef Olajide also owns one of the largest internet marketing blog in Nigeria.

Have you heard of Onibalusi Bamidele? As at the time of writing this, Onibalusi is just seventeen years but he owns one of the fastest growing young entrepreneur’s blog and makes nothing less than $3,000 every month. You can check him out at YoungPrePro. If this seventeen year old Nigerian can do it, then what stops you from blogging in Nigeria? What stops you from making money online with blogs? My answer is nothing. Only your doubts and skepticism can stop you; no one else can.

Why you should start your own blog today

The new trend online is that people are growing tired of sales pitches and less personal marketing techniques. They are tired of ads that scream “Make $1,000 in one hour.” I want to tell you that it’s easier to sell a product to someone you’ve built a relationship with. Blogs are a powerful communication tool that you can use to communicate with friends and family and also to market to other people. Moreover, Google and other search engines love these types of sites! By setting up and marketing your blog, you can stand to make some pretty decent cash and you will instantly become a BIG PLAYER in the Internet marketing world once you build your blog followership or readership.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria: My personal experience

I have written a lot of articles online with respect to making money online. One of my most popular articles is titled “How to build a successful blog” it’s published on Now if you are still in doubt about the possibilities of making money online in Nigeria by Blogging, then I see no reason why you are reading this article. In fact, I was almost tempted to refrain from teaching Nigerians how to make money online because of the high level of self doubts I see. Instead of stopping my teachings and seminars; I started giving away my materials for next to nothing.

Now back to my personal experience, I want you to take a good look at this blog you are on now. I launched this business blog on the 7th of October 2009 to share business development strategies and startup advice with aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. But today, this blog puts a lot of dollars in my pocket everyday even while I am asleep.

Take a look at the top of this page and the side bars on your right hand side; you will see banner adverts. Those ads make me money even when asleep and I also pull in some small profits from; the world largest bookstore. But majority of my income comes from GOOGLE. All this took me less than three hours to set up. If you are ready to set up your own money making blog, please read on as I share with you below, my seven step guide to making money online by blogging.

   How to Make Money Online in Nigeria by Blogging

1.            Develop your mindset

This is always the first point I stress whenever I am sharing information that challenges you or requires you to take action. Before ever venturing online to make money or earn a full living, you must first see yourself achieving it. You must believe it is possible and achievable regardless of your region or country; whether United States, U.K, Ghana or Nigeria. You must see blogging in Nigeria and making money online as a possibility; all I am saying in essence is that you must challenge your self doubt and laziness. Ultimately, you must be prepared to leave your comfort zone. After challenging your self doubt, you must set a specific goal or target. What is your expectation online? It might be to make your first $100 or to become an expert in a niche. Whatever goal you set, make sure it is achievable.

2.            Find a niche and choose a topic

 Now what is a Niche? A Niche is simply a small group of people with a common interest. Examples of popular niches are football fans, Students, Teenagers, Sports Betting, Forex Traders, Weight Watchers, Pool, Arsenal Fans, Chelsea Fans, Man U Fans, Singles, Game lovers, Housewives, Nursing Mothers, Careers, Dating, Education, Marriage, making Money and so on.

Therefore Niche blogs are going to be blogs related to different topics that a select group of people are interested in. The reason for this is because there may be a lot of people interested in a particular topic but don’t know where to go to get more information about that topic. That is where you come in; to provide the content they need and in return these visitors will buy products from you or click on your ads to generate a nice income for you. Niche blogging is more powerful because you don’t have to compete with other competitors for the same crowd. Armed with the right knowledge, you can go into a niche and completely dominate. A good rule of thumb in niche blogging is that your niche must be a high paying, low competitive niche.

How to find a high paying, low competitive Niche

The Basics of Keyword Research

The first step is to compile a list of niches you have interest in. Examples are book lovers, students, football fans, basket ball fans, game lovers, photographers and so on. If you are short of niche ideas, you can rush now to the following websites for more ideas and research:

Amazon – is by far one of the best sites to do your niche market research on. Search any of their department for niche ideas. They have certain sections that tell you exactly what’s selling in their marketplace, some of such sections are:

  • Hot New Releases

  • Most Gifted

  • Most Wished For

  • Movers & Shakers

 EBay Pulse – will give you the breakdown of current trends and cool stuff that is selling on eBay. It also gives you a list of popular searches, largest stores and most watched items

 Google Trends – is used to compare certain niches to see if it is the right time of year to launch a blog. This will compare the world’s interest in chosen niche markets.

Traffic Potential – After you’ve identified a few potential niches you want to see if the traffic is there or if people are even searching for information or products in this niche. I usually use Google Keyword Tool –

Next I will enter my main keyword, in this case I found a niche pertaining to “digital slr” which basically is all about digital camera/photography. So enter “digital slr” (without quotes) and it returns a number of keywords I can target. As you can see, this niche is getting a lot of traffic. I normally focus my efforts on keywords getting between 14,000 and 30,000 searches per month and narrow it down from there. Here are the potential keywords that I found:

  • Sigma digital slr

  • Digital slr review

  • Best digital slr camera

  • Digital slr photography

  • Digital slr lenses

  • Best digital slr

I will continue to use this example throughout this article, so you can have a full example of how to research a niche and setup a blog around a certain topic. Is it Profitable? – This is by far the easiest step in niche research to see if there is money in your particular niche. Essentially, there are several ways to monetize a blog and I will be explaining them here in this article. But first, you will want to check the keywords and see what advertisers are paying per click. The keyword cost per click (CPC) has to be at least $1.00; this will let you know that we have businesses paying money for their business/product to get exposure. So I did a search for the 6 keywords I’m targeting to see if they are averaging at least $1 CPC.

As you can see collectively, this set of niche keywords is averaging $1 CPC. Now we want to check to see if there are any related affiliate programs that we can promote. There are two ways we can go about doing this; a Simple Google Search like niche keyword + “affiliate program.”

After searching it returned over 220,000 results or possible affiliate programs that I can promote and make money from. The second way you would find affiliate programs is by simply searching the big affiliate networks where businesses or vendors go to tap into an affiliate program. You can search these networks for your niche to see if there are any good products to promote.

                Commission Junction –

                Shareasale –

                Clickbank –

How to Start a Niche blog on your personal strengths or skill

Now I will explain how to build a niche blog on your strengths, hobby, talent or personal skill and still make a hell of money from it. Building a niche blog on this model will fit those who love to write and talk about their hobbies. You can make money online by simply by writing or talking about your personal life, hobby or anything else. It is very possible to turn any hobby, talent or skill you possess into a cash machine. But I think it’s worthwhile you know that not all blog niches are inherently profitable because the topic you choose, often determines the future size and profitability of your blog to some extent.

When going this route, it is important to pick a niche that you are genuinely interested in because the natural passion you have for the topic sustains the content creation process and will actually make the whole chore of blogging enjoyable. So the first thing you would do is create a list of topics that interest you. So my own list would be something like this:

  • Making money

  • Reading

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Investing

  • Writing

  • Martial Arts

So I would start with Entrepreneurship and investing, since I love building businesses and investing money. Entrepreneurship is my passion, I love teaching people how to start a business and that’s why I created Apart from my passion for entrepreneurship, I also love the game of investing. Now I don’t know what your passion may be but if you want to dive deeper and see if there are sub niches that you can blog about. Do a simple Google blog search to see what others are blogging about and see if you can carve a niche out of it. When writing about your passions and interest, it is important to also check the search volume and see the traffic potential so you will not waste your time writing about a topic that doesn’t make you any money.

3.            Join a community related to your niche

The third step to making money online in Nigeria by Blogging is to join a community related to your chosen niche. For instance, if you have researched and discovered that a niche exist for guitar players, all you have to do is join social networks and forum for guitar players. Joining this forum will help you see the problems or needs existing in the niche.

I am a member of several communities related to business, entrepreneurship and investing. These communities bring me closer to my targeted niche. Using these communities as leverage, I can have a sneak preview into the minds of entrepreneurs to know the challenges they are facing currently. When you address the problems of people and offer them a solution, you draw them closer to yourself and make them loyal readers of your blog.

4.            Start your blog

After carrying out your research and identifying one or two communities related to your niche, your next step is to build a blog. But as one of my mentors ‘Steve Pavlina’ advised; don’t just build a blog on your niche. Instead, build a complete website around that niche.

Today, I see some blogs with post summaries interfaced on the home page. Instead of making your home page a summary of your recent articles, make it a static page just like I did with and link to all other pages and posts. I don’t know if my ideology is right but I think its okay for me. Also, it is my team’s long term strategy to implement a forum on this blog when the traffic rate reaches our target figure. We also have other long term plans for this blog. That’s what I mean by building a complete website around your niche, not just a blog. Building a blog does not require you to be a web savvy or a programmer. With just the simple ability of holding and clicking a mouse, you can install a blog.

5.            Add valuable content to your blog

The primary reason I advised you join a community related to your niche is for the purpose of generating valuable content that will attract readers and turn them to loyalist. There is a saying that goes online that “content is king.” Your content will be considered valuable by readers if it solves a problem or address a certain issue. Content is the main reason why highly niche related blogs command more power than personal blogs. Except you are a celebrity, musical star or an award winning movie star, nobody gives a damn about your personal life. I write this because I see individuals launching blogs in their personal names or domain names like

If you intend to build a professional business blog with a high market value, then you must register a professional domain name that reflects the niche. Examples of professional domain names are,, A popular internet marketer John Chow once confessed that one of the greatest mistakes he made online was registering his blog in his personal name and he advised his protégés to avoid this mistake.

Having digressed a little, let’s go back to the importance of providing valuable content on your blog. Your content is your leverage to position yourself as an expert in a niche. Your blog is your gun, content is the bullet. If your content is strong, the impact on your readers will be strong but if it’s weak, the effect on your readers will be like pouring water on a rock. Don’t substitute quality for quantity. Even if you are publishing one article per week, make that article a ‘never to be forgotten article. Write something that readers will love to bookmark or return often to read again and again. What’s the essence of writing or publishing daily articles that are worthless or valueless? There are trillions of content online so yours must be unique to enable it stand out from the crowd.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria starting from Today

6.   Monetize your blog and Make Money

The next step after building your blog is to monetize it. Monetization of a blog is simply the process of adding a money generating system to your blog. There are several ways you can make money online with a blog and some of them are:

a)            Direct Advertising – This is monetization strategy where you generate income by selling adverts directly on your blog at your own fixed rate.

b)            Third party ads company – these companies will act as third parties by connecting you with blog advertisers. Examples are and

c)            Cost per click ads – These are ads displayed on your blogs by third party companies where income is generated on a pay per click basis. Examples of companies that offer pay per click services are Google Adsense and

d)            Affiliate programs – You can monetize your blog with affiliate programs. Programs that pay you for every referral or sale you generate. You can source for such programs individually or through affiliate networks. Examples of such network are, and

You can also generate income from your blog by selling links through and, or you can sell your own products such as eBooks and software. You may also choose to generate income by selling services or doing product reviews. Whatever income stream you choose, just make sure it blends with your niche or blog theme.

7.   Promote your blog and make money

The last but not the least step is the promotion of your blog. This is the most important step in the process of making money online with blogs. Blog or website promotion is all about generating traffic or visitors to your blog. No matter how beautiful or valuable your content is, if there are no visitors, then your entire blog will be worthless. You are reading this article today because I promoted it using different means. If I did not market this blog, you won’t be here reading this article and if you don’t come to my blog to read my articles, I will not money.

So the end point of this is that your blog traffic or visitors is directly proportional to your income. You must exhaust all marketing avenues to make sure you blog content reaches the targeted audience. You must promote your blog both online and offline. I can’t exhaust the blog marketing or promotion techniques here in this article but I will explain in details maybe in forthcoming articles.





How do you start a blog with no money? What does it take to build a successful blog from scratch? What’s the success secret of this business blog? How was I able to start and build this blog “” to profitability without any marketing or advertising budget? If you are interested in the answer to the questions above, please read on.

The fact that you are reading this article proves that you have interest in building your own profitable blog; whether now or in the future. So I will strictly be focusing this article on the step by step instruction for starting a “profitable, successful blog.” I emphasize the word “Profitable and successful” because they are two components you want to see in your blog. Your blog can be successful in terms of monthly traffic, subscribers and page views; yet, that same blog can still lack profitability.

Before I proceed, I want to state categorically that there are excellent articles that go into in-depth details of how to build a successful blog. So what makes this article different? The big difference between this article and others is that this article is focused on my own personal experience in the business of blogging.

I am neither an expert blogger; nor am I an internet marketing guru. I am simply an entrepreneur that satisfies a need for a profit. What this means in essence is that this article will not go into the technical jargon or generic details of building a business blog. Instead, this article will focus strictly on the business side of building a blog.

This article is about how you can replicate my success strategy and start your own profitable blog site. I started this business blog from scratch with no money; and today, I can confidently say that i am impressed by its growth rate.

 Now how did I do it? How did I build this blog to grow without any marketing or advertising effort? How was I able to hit a monthly unique traffic of 90K (as at Oct 2012)without even aiming for it? Well, just read on.

 How to Start a Profitable Successful Blog Site with No Money

Please this is not the regular step by step guide to starting a blog. I am strictly focusing on starting a profitable, successful blog with respect to business principles. So I will shun some conventional wisdom and generic guidelines. If you are ready to learn, then let’s proceed.

  My Kick Ass Strategy to Starting a Profitable Blog

1.    Why do want to start a blog?

So you want to start a successful blog? Have you ever asked yourself why you want to start a blog? You may think this is unnecessary but in reality; it might turn out to be the underlying line between success and failure. Why do you want to start a blog?

You must answer this question before even developing the idea for your blog. People start blogs for different reasons and this simple reason may be a determinant factor to your success or failure in blogging. The reason you start a blog will determine your mindset and approach towards blogging. If you start a blog simply for the money; you may never get it.

I started this to fill a need; I started this business blog to help entrepreneurs solve their intricate business challenges in return for a profit. And this is the sole reason why I don’t consider myself a blogger or internet marketing expert. I am strictly an entrepreneur; I serve and solve other people’s problems in return for a profit, not wages or salary.

And because I am an entrepreneur, I have to think like one. This led me to work on developing my business or entrepreneurial skills. This blog is not a job, neither is it a hobby; it’s a business. But something I want you to note is this; I did not start this business blog solely for the profit; if I did, I would have sold it off a long time ago.

The primary reason why I started this blog was because of the leverage. Yes, I want to use this blog as leverage to greater heights in the future. The profits may be pouring in but the leverage is more important to me and I don’t mind sacrificing the profits to increase the leverage. Leveraging this blog can be done in several ways but I think that’s a topic for another day. Leverage is the reason I started this blog; what’s your own reason for starting a blog?

2.   Find a Niche

You’ve probably found a tangible reason why you want to start a blog; the next thing will be to find your niche. Just as you find a market for your product or service; you also have to determine your niche online.

  • Who are the main targets of your blog?

A niche is simply a group of people with a common interest. Vegans are a niche, angel investors are a niche and so also are dog owners. Before I started this blog; I researched and decided to target the following niches:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs

If you can’t figure out a niche to target; then you have no business starting a blog. Without the customers; a business has no cause to exist, so also does a blog without a niche.

3.   Define the blog mission

What’s your blog’s mission? What do you aim to achieve with your blog? These two questions make the big difference between profitable, successful blogs and the average blogs. A blog mission may not be important to you if you are starting a personal blog; in this case, your personal mission will be your blog’s mission.

But if you are serious about building a successful business blog that will stand the test of time; if you want to start a profitable blog that will grow with or without your personal effort, then you should forge a mission statement for your blog.

4.   Set your goals and objectives

To build a profitable blog, you must set goals and objectives. You must have both short and long term goals for your blog; your goals will be the benchmark on which to judge your blog growth rate. You can use traffic, income or subscriber base as a yardstick to analyze your blog growth.

5.   Define your brand strategy

This is one of the most important factors most people overlook when starting a blog from scratch. Your brand strategy in the long run is going to determine the value of your blog, its relevance and its overall potential. Now how do you define your brand strategy?

It’s quite simple. Your brand strategy begins with you answering this question: Are you starting a personal blog or a business blog? Your personal blog is your personal brand; it’s a blog that reflects your life values and culture.

Now is a business or personal blog? Well, it’s a business blog because it’s not attached to me; it’s a business blog because it has its own core value and culture. I can go on vacation for a year; yet this blog will keep growing geometrically because it has been programmed to run on auto pilot without me. StrategicBusinessTeam has its own life to live and I have mine.

The worst thing with a personal blog is that it might live and die with you but a business blog lives on because it doesn’t depend on your personal influence to survive. Business blogs also hold more value than personal blogs. Asset transfer and sustained growth in a personal blog is quite difficult without retaining the founding blogger.

How to Start a Profitable Successful Blog Site with No Money

6.   Develop your overall strategy

Another essential factor that will affect your quest to start a profitable blog is your overall strategy. Your overall strategy should be one that you will stick to no matter the storm. It’s a proven strategy that almost guarantees success and every other strategy will be hinged on it.

One of the reasons I was able to build to this level with no marketing or advertising budget was because I started it with the mindset of an entrepreneur. I started it on the same principle I use to build my offline businesses. I started it with an overall strategy; a strategy I have tested and proven in my offline businesses. What’s my overall strategy?

My motto is concentration. First honesty; then industry and then concentration.” – Andrew Carnegie

Concentrate your energy, your thoughts and your capital.” – Andrew Carnegie

Well, I have just told you my overall strategy. It’s CONCENTRATION. I don’t diversify my marketing effort; I concentrate them. I don’t try to do many things at once, I concentrate. I did not start a blog trying to generate multiple streams of income; I concentrated on one income stream first. I did not start 10, 20 or 50 blogs; i started one and i still own one. I did not look for multiple traffic sources; I concentrated on one and that’s why this blog is effortlessly growing geometrically. You don’t need 100 blogs to make an impact, you just need one.

So if you are going to build a profitable blog, then you must define your own overall strategy. Mine is concentration; what’s yours. Only you can decide that.

7.    Build the blog system

This is where you build the structure that will host your blog; this is where you put up the necessary system that will house all your operations. Your blog system includes domain name registration, choosing your hosting platform; choosing a blog platform and setting up the blog. This process is similar to finding a location for your offline business, obtaining permits and buying your office equipment.

Now what is the best small business blogging platform? I don’t know. What I can advice is that you choose a blog platform you understand its technicalities. Seth Godin built a successful blog on Typepad, Dave Lucas built a blog on blogger; while Steve Pavlina built a profitable blog on WordPress. Success can be achieved on any platform, just make sure you understand its ins and outs.

8.   Define your operational tactics

Your operational tactics entails how you want to run your blog; your overall budget and the time you’ll allot to building the blog. When I started from scratch; I was strapped for time because of my offline business commitment. I also made a policy that I will run the blog on lean budget until it begins to fend for itself and pay its bills. Now, my blog is run full time by my team. That was my operational strategy and it worked for me because I planned it before even starting this blog.

You want to start a profitable blog? How often will you publish articles? How much time will you devote to you? How will you schedule your limited time to make sure every system is well taken care off? This you must plan and sort out before even starting a blog.

Most people have asked me why I disabled the comment module on this blog. Well, it’s an operation tactics that works inline with my overall strategy; concentration. I will rather concentrate my effort on writing quality content that yields result than waste my time moderating comments. I have less time so I chose to concentrate my efforts on things that matters most. That doesn’t mean you should follow my steps; find an operational tactic that work best for you and stick to it.

9.    Define your income strategy

What is your income strategy? The root of this question boils down to why you want to start a blog. Are you building a blog for cash flow or capital gain? Are you building a blog to hold or flip? Are you building a blog for earned, passive or portfolio income? These are questions you must answer because they will determine how you generate revenue from your blog; they will determine your monetization strategy.

I have seen bloggers brag about how they make thousands of dollars from their blogs but most of them are only thriving on earned income; meaning they make money by keeping an online job. I will give an example; if you run a blog that directly generates $50/month but you earn $5,000 from by providing writing services, then you are still an employee working for a salary. If you stop writing, your income will drop because you are on earned income.

I have also seen bloggers who generate full revenue from their blogs without even having to run it. I consider these individuals true entrepreneurs. Even if they go on vacation for a year; their blog income will keep growing because it doesn’t depend on them. This is what I call passive income and it’s what I’m concentrating on. There are two types of bloggers; those who build a business and those who build a job, which one do you want to be.

10.   Define your Monetization strategy

Is your blog going to generate income from selling advertisement, doing product endorsement, offering paid services, selling own products or selling affiliate products? This you must answer if you want to start a profitable blog from scratch. But it’s worthwhile you know that your monetization strategy depends on your desired income strategy and overall strategy.

11.   Outline your marketing tactics

To start a successful blog and grow it to a substantial size; marketing must be done. To build from scratch to this level without any marketing budget; I had to devise a marketing strategy that will be executed in synergy with my overall strategy. My marketing strategy was “To provide valuable life changing content” and my overall strategy was “concentration.” I don’t try to do everything; I only concentrate on my core marketing strategy. don’t generate a dime of traffic from StumbleUpon; i just recently activated a Facebook fan page and it’s not too active on twitter. Over 80% of this blog’s traffic comes from search engines and word of mouth because these are the two marketing tactics we decided to concentrate on. So find a marketing tactic you are strong at and concentrate on it.

Concentrating on a particular marketing strategy doesn’t mean ignoring other  proven profitable marketing channels; it’s all about mastering a particular formula before moving on to another. It’s all about having a core marketing tactic and other complementing tactics.

How to Start a Profitable Successful Blog Site with No Money

12.  Define your exit strategy

This is where most people miss it out; they start a blog without an exit strategy and that’s why most blogs disappear after the founding blogger dies. Except you run a personal blog; it’s advisable you factor in an exit strategy in your blog’s plan. Are you going to sell your blog in the future or hold it?

My initial plan is to diversify this blog into a network of blogs; and grow it to the level where it won’t need me anymore. But that was in the past. My new plan now is to turn over all the operations and control of this blog to a holding company. I want to build a full fledged business around this single blog. My exit strategy is to become a watchdog; not an active participant in the operations of this blog and with an exit strategy like this, this blog will continue to fulfill its mission even after my death. This is my blog exit strategy; what’s yours?

13.   Stick to the process

Starting a profitable blog and growing that blog is not an overnight affair; it’s a step by step process and this process will never be complete without challenges and setbacks. I have had my own share of setbacks with respect to blogging; ranging from technical challenges to human error to financial crisis.

These things are unpredictable but you have to face them and to face these unexpected challenges; you need persistence and focus. You must know what your ultimate goal is and you must be prepared to make sacrifices to achieve such goal; you must stick to the process.

As a final note, these are my thirteen step strategy to starting a profitable blog from scratch. These strategies are not all about blogging technicalities or knowing how to write amazing articles; they are about blogging business intelligence.


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